My name is precious, I worship under Orsu region, I am fourteen years old and I started chosen in the year 2007. I would want to reveal a kingdom of darkness name secret shell.

Secret Shell is located in River Benue, but now in River Nile. It was originated by the Indians. The Queen-Mother is Shell, my name their was Danger Queen. We worked with the Seven Square Blood Suckers Kingdom, that is the kingdom were the evil Linda belongs to. The Linda that has been circulating  evil report about the Lords Chosen.

I am eighteen years there, by my rank is second to the queen, I was worshipping tortoise. Tortoise is known to be the wisest animal an it is very tricky - that is why the kingdom associates with it and it gave us wisdom to operate.

Seven Square blood suckers kingdom - the pit of hell used to come to us to take power. So many  churches that are fake go there to collect powers.

I was assigned to out evil activities in Chosen t Orsu where I come from. But the power in Chosen is too much for me to operate. I have actually been coming to chosen but I was not born again because I had a mission to fulfill. My pastor at Orsu had been conducting deliverances for me but yesterday in this crusade(Mbaise); the God of Chosen perfected the deliverance. The kingdom I belong to before my deliverance yesterday was assigned alongside Linda's kingdom many years ago, when I was not even born into this world because the kingdom knew that chosen was going to be born and they started preparing their members.

They have also giving birth to other kingdoms like haracular, Dracular, Karashika, Seven Square Blood Suckers and so on.

This current CD Being circulated against the Lords Chosen is from Linda's kingdom but it was possessed by the spirit in our kingdom. When people watch it, the power there will make them to be confused. If after watching it, you don't believe the content, the power there will attack you in the dream. Linda even said she would be here (Mbaise crusade) in this crusade but I know that she can never succeed because the power of God here is too much.

Sincerely, nobody likes to be in all this evil kingdoms but it is just the power there that people enjoy. There is nothing exciting in evil kingdoms, it's only to steal, kill and destroy souls. When I was in that kingdom, if I wanted to kill boys, all I did was to smile at them and they will be filled with lust an I would take their destiny and add to mine. For the female we initiate them with fashion. Many clothing in the market are possessed but not for the chosen one's.

The main reason why the Linda we are talking about was picked was because she was seen as wise, as such she tries to dress like a believer. Why some people believe is because of her dressing and she gives people things freely which she uses to possess them. As she said, I believe by now she would be here but I am not afraid, for the power in the Lords Chosen is too great. She said she wanted to come and see the man of God face to face, but the power of God here can't allow her to operate.

When I came here with mission to attack yesterday, I was surprised that when the G.O mounted the pulpit instead of seeing him, I was seeing someone else holding the microphone. Even the Chosen ones, I could not see them well. When this was happening, I could not control my senses any longer. All the powers I came with disappointed me, I could not use any of them. I came here yesterday with one hundred and one demons but later two hundred and nine was added because of the toughness of the assignment, I mean the power in the life of G.O. They tried to eliminate him before the beginning of his ministry but God saved him.

I operate with spirits - python and tiger. We made some cloths with the colour of tiger and people wear them, the cloths are very demonic. My advice her is, don't love the things of the world but focus on the kingdom of heaven.

I operate internationally, when Chosen intercessors were praying, I summoned the demons in my kingdom to come and help me attack but I was disappointed because all of them hung in the air. The intercessors were speaking in tongues, while I was reciting incantation in Indian language but the intercessors tongue became more powerful than mine. I still tried to see our G.O but to no avail, their was just nothing I could do anymore. The queen trusted that I would not disappoint her but it is a pity because their was nothing I could do, since the God of chosen is the most powerful an has arrested me.

Now that I am delivered, I will save people instead of destroying them. People should note that the mark '666' is already here because of the love of worldly things and attires. Whenever you see anybody challenging an intercessor or a minister during deliverance session, you should know that the person is doing that because she/he is lost or confused (possessed) already.

In that kingdom, they don't mention the name of Chosen, they only say 'that particular church.' they don't even try to mention our G.O's name, try only call him "that stupid man" because the power in him has been destroying their kingdoms. They cannot call Jesus; they will say "that man." you don't mention Calvary to their ears. Mention Jesus makes them to run away, mentioning Calvary brings confusion in their midst that you won't know what to do because their is power in Calvary. Whenever you buy things in the market, cover it by the blood of Jesus.

People run to so many churches because of poverty. So, what we do in the kingdom is to afflict people with poverty so that they will leave the good church where they are and start running up and down until they enter evil churches. Their is a scarf we produce we call 'yori-yori' that people are wearing now, we also produce weave-on, attachment, slippers, shoes, suits.

I advise you to be a Chosen indeed, concentrate on making heaven, don't just live your life in eating and drinking, listen to the word of God. I came purposely to hinder miracles but the power here was too much, I couldn't do anything.

Sister precious
From Orsu, Imo State - Nigeria.

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