Isaiah 1:19-20 KJV
If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: [20] But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it .

"I thank God for making me a chosen. I suffered terrible and embarrassing afflictions for years before the God of Chosen came to my rescue. It all started when I got married in the year 2007. First, it was fever. Then rashes and sores appeared, followed by other afflictions such as internal and external heat, shortage of blood, goitre, blurred vision, Parkinson disease, constant running stomach, tuberculosis, insomnia and general body pains. To compound my woes, I also suffered from discharge which caused a lot of itching. Then I would pad myself as someone observing her monthly menstrual period.

I was a banker at this time. Sometimes, the itching would start while I was attending to customers over the counter. I would take excuse from them and enter the convenience to scratch. I will spend ample time scratching for even up to half an hour before coming out smiling yet suffering terribly. I would undress myself and take time to do the scratching and then put on my clothes again.
This caused my mother a lot of emotional trauma. I was then taking from one place to the other in search of solution. In fact, my mother fainted in one of the places where I was taken to. Sometime in 2007, she brought me to the Lords Chosen but I could not do away with worthiness. The message from the pulpit was too hard for me to endure. I was into wearing make-up, putting on trousers/pants, affixing weave-on, attachments and others. Though I was coming to the Lords Chosen, I was still going to other places which made me to spend quite a lot of money. For instance, I bought a Lister-type Generator set for one of the prophets I went to see at Emekuku in Owerri, Imo State. I also spent the sum of four hundred and fifty thousand on another one in Aja, Lagos. I spent over one hundred thousand naira on other consultations with so-called pastors in Bucknor, Jakande and other areas in Lagos.

It got to a point that I had to resign from my job in the bank. My husband become tired of whole thing. To worsen my situation, there was no child yet in marriage. He made consultations with his family and they decided to boot me out of our matrimonial home.

I suffered that long and much and spent all my money on prophets and prophesies because I thought I could not get my miracle in The Lords Chosen. Little did I know that I was the one delaying my miracle. I thought that I could never be able to do away with worldliness. My mother who is a chosen, had meanwhile been warning me against my insistence on dressing in ways unremitting of a Christian, but I wouldn't listen.

One day, sh decided to keep those dresses, trousers, weave-on, attachments and others away from me. When I began to search for them, I could not find them and no one dared told me their whereabouts. When I got tired of searching for them, I decided to become a real Chosen(born again). It was then that my mother brought them out and confided in me that she was the one that hid them. Seeing that I had made up my mind to become a Chosen, she brought them out and threw them away.

That marked a turning point in my life. All the demonic afflictions troubling my life began to disappear one after the other. Today, to the glory of God, I am free, hale and hearty. I could have been healed earlier an may be retained my husband if I had given up on worldliness. However, the moment I decided to give them up, the while afflictions disappeared.

I want to thank God for delivering my mother form what would have been a terrible accident. God also granted her a miracle shop. God also favoured my brother who is based in Switzerland with a citizenship visa."

Praise the Lord Jesus!
Sister Ijeoma Oguejiofor.

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