"If the Son (Jesus)therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." John 8:36 KJV

"I thank God for making me to be a chosen and also He granted me genuine salvation. I joined The Lords Chosenin 2010. I thank God for delivering me from spirit of excessive immorality. 

It happened in my youthful years, I joined a radio house in Calabar as one of the broadcasters. In the course of the training, I was told that I would be baptised into the system so that I could function very well be properly integrated. Unfortunately the head of operation that time was a grand master of AMORC (Rosicrucian Order) in that region as at that time. So he used to tell us that anything that would make us happy, we should do so that we could perform excellently. 

When I collected my first salary, we went to his guest house, we bought things; some hot drinks, I was not used to drinking but he made me to drink, I drank and drank, and I was told to kneel down, I knelt down and some of the hot drink was poured on my head, I became unconscious. So whatever happened next was never cleared to me. 

I woke up the following day in my house and was told my colleagues brought me home. The way I was feeling that day, I never felt that way before. I took my birth and went to the studio to meet them and they were laughing at me and I asked if I had been  baptized and how the whole thing happened? They said I should go and look for a girl friend that will make me happy, brethren, that was how the rubbish started. And the worst part of it was that whenever the urge to commit immorality came upon me, any woman i approached, no matter how beautiful or ugly, short or tall, I would end up in the bed with her. She would always succumb. 

I lived in a compound and I ended up sleeping with almost all the women in the compound. It was a terrible situation. Even after I left that place and got married, it was not easy, but I thank God that I have been delivered but before the deliverance it  lasted about forty years so you can see the evil exploit one went through. I pray for Gods forgiveness in Jesus name. Amen!

Moreover, I thank God for delivering from death and occult powers of my father. 

I came from a royal community and my great grandfather founded that community and instituted that god called "IKPANSONEBIBIO" god-of-the earth of Ibibio land. He ruled and died, another person took over, the shrine and everything is in our place. 

Note: the first born of the family used to die mysteriously, usually it is the second born male that mount the throne. At last it came to the turn of my father and he took up the mantle of leadership. Before he died, he called us (his children) together and showed us pictures he snapped with some prominent people and said they were his members in the cult. Some of them used to visit us in the house. He said he was letting us know that he was a strong man because of the position he occupied. That we should do him one favour, that immediately he dies, we should bury him; we should not allow his corpse to spend much days; that if he dies in the morning, we should bury him in the night; that he has done so many evil things and many good things but more evil than good because of the position he occupied. 

He warned that we should not take him to the mortuary if he dies. And if we waste time when he dies, the corpse would decay an we would not be able to enter 'the house'. After all these instructions, he eventually dies and we buried him. We did many ceremonies which time would not permit me to recount here. 

Immediately he died, I was called upon to take over because the position was not contestable. I told them I can't take up the position that I knew what my father did an I can't do such because I am a Christian.

When I came back to Lagos, a masquerade would visit me, whenever he visited me, he would shoot me with bow and arrow and if am shouting to remove the bow, he would run after me, remove the bow and my blood would go. So as he (masquerade) visited me, he said it is time for me to serve him, that he will not shoot me again but would deal with me. I told him I can't do that. The spirit of my father also visited me and said if I don't serve them, I would be very poor. I told him I can't serve him. 

Then my village chief came and said they have concluded arrangement to keep me in the house.  I said I was not told. He now left. Immediately he left, when I closed my eyes, I saw him. He took me to the shrine, showed me many things, they cooked for us and we ate. I could not have controlled over myself, it looked as if I was hypnotized and found myself obeying their order. It continued like that for over a month, I didn't know what I would do. 

I was afflicted with severe sicknesses. I went for medical check up and I was told that I had about 14 types of sicknesses on me. I treated myself to no avail. I used to go and pray in my former church. One fateful Thursday, I got up and was confused on where to go and I have been told about The Lords Chosen before.

At last I concluded to go to Chosen and pray since that place is a church too. I didn't know there was a programme here, that was in 2009. Immediately I came and joined in the programme. That day the preaching of the pastor touched my heart. Through the message from the pulpit I was made to understand my evils and wickedness as well, so I had to surrender to Jesus first in other for Him to deliver me as well. I repented of my sins of immorality, drinking etc and God broke the yoke in my life. Now all the afflictions disappeared. I thank God for that. I ask God to forgive me for delaying this testimony because I suffered many things for owing God this testimony but I thank God that today God has given me the opportunity to testify.

I am free now; no more evil dreams of seeing occult people and masquerades with their threat. Every affliction is gone. I have given my life to Jesus christ, now am born again. Thank you Jesus for this great deliverance

I pray for the pastor, that God will continue to multiply His anointing upon his life and I pray him heaven at last in Jesus name. And for all the chosen ones all over the world, heaven at last as well in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!"

From Nigeria

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