"I thank God for my genuine salvation. Moreover, I want to thank God for delivering me
from four demonic kingdoms. The whole story started on December 25th 2001, when we traveled to the village to see my grandmother. In the house everybody was eating and playing, my grandmother called me separately and took me to her room into a private chamber and gave me water to drink from a pot. After drinking this water, I could no longer sleep. She told my dad that I
will sleep that night in her room. When it was night she woke me and took me out and when we got there, it was like a big occasion was talking place. The queen was sitting , a man dressed in yellow
was also sitting and a white chair was by the side, the queen said I should sit on that white seat, that they destined from childhood that I am a great child, I should sit there.

So after sitting there, they made the queen the only overseer of four wicked kingdoms namely: Akakarike
kingdom, Blackberry kingdom,
Aircraft and Marine Kingdoms. So that very night, I went out for operation, they said I should use my wisdom and consult myself.

Then I was 9 years old, I started sending people on errands and messages. My Mum now brought me to Chosen here at the age of 15,
so that they will conduct
deliverance on me. When I came to Chosen, the Pastor that was supposed to conduct the deliverance was not around. So we went back home, I became angry and made my Mummy stop coming
to Chosen. I manipulated her to think that there is no power in Chosen, that Chosen is just an ordinary church. That made her hate Chosen with passion. But when I tried the same with my Dad, it did not work. My Dad knows that there is power in Chosen and so he has
continued to come. When we saw, we could not persuade him, we wanted to make him blind, so that he would stop coming to Chosen. We tried to do that. As we were trying to consult, we realize there is
a curse my grandmother laid on him, that he would never live to see good things ( his own mother, the woman that initiated me). Through that curse, we started to penetrate
in him to make him blind. When the blindness could not work out, we decided to use cob-webs to cover his eyes, but he kept coming to Chosen. I became angry and started
coming to Chosen with him. During our vigil we started operation. We tried and tried but the fire was too much. We had to go outside and sleep throughout the vigil. So during the programme, “Time For God to Prove His Power”, we came
also for operation but fire was
everywhere. My group left me and ran away. I started crying and said, “ so they want this Pastor to hold me here?” I said, no, it cannot happen, I wanted to go but an usher woman did not let me go out. I was there when Pastor came out and
began to pray. I began to cry and the Usher asked me why I was crying. I did not tell her. When pastor began to pray, my eyes, body etc was not comfortable. That was the day I my deliverance. However, my deliverance that day was not complete because I had scale in my eyes that I used in seeing things beyond human
beings. You might see me as a
human being but then I was not a human being. I will be walking on the air but you will think I am walking on the floor.

During this programme that just passed, we tried all possible means to operate
because I still had that scale in my eyes, I can still give instructions to my eyes and it will begin to work for me. I tried my eyes but it could not work. That was the day I had
my total freedom. Today, I thank God I am free. My prayer to God is that I am going to release those that are held captive. What I am praying for God to do is to destroy their kingdoms. Those blood they
sucked and all the wicked
manipulation, God should destroy them in Jesus name. Now I speak basically to the youths and those that are still putting on ear- rings.

My advise to you all, I beg and
plead with you in the name of
Jesus, that those things you are putting on, they belong to the Marine, most especially this head- tie that came out of recent. It is called python goddess head-tie. The head-tie and singlets, the silver shining chains, the curtex,
the bangle, Iron black bangle, the chain, the ring etc. There is one handkerchief that I used to wipe myself whenever I do anything that is evil so that people will not know I was the one that did it. There is also special pan-cake that people
use which is also from the water, I work with monitoring mirror which I used to see or monitor what is happening, Can-hold, the last but not the least, people call it eye medicine but it is not. Know the kind of pictures you watch, some of those things they use in the studio are theirs. I want to say something to the youths, they think that
fashion is the best, I tell you,
natural beauty, what God gave you, what you came to the world with is the best. Please I still beg you to be careful with what you buy. And for my Pastor , I wish you heaven at
last and all members of the Chosen.
Praise the Lord!"

Sister Akunna Ihemkwoaba
Lagos, Nigeria

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