35 Years Brotherhood Membership Terminated

My father was a member of a reformed confraternity and my mother, a member of a sect called the 'Brotherhood' and also a witch. I was born in the year 1977 physically but had existed for seven hundred and seventy-seven (777) years in the spirit world.

My mother had difficulty in
conception because of this and so, she approached the leader of the Brotherhood who told her that she would conceive and bear a baby boy that would be great.
I stayed in my mother's womb for
eleven months before I was born. She is however, now late. I would say here that a lot of people in the Brotherhood do not know the inner workings or secrets of the group; they are just ignorant. I operated there for 35 years In my operations in the spiritual realm, I moved with twenty-one (21)
gallons of blood. I was a senior
member there – a "Senior Deputy."

There are basically three classes of witches namely; white, red, and black witches. In January, the witches gather for their meetings. In August, the meeting takes place in the highest mountain in the world; Mount
Everest. Then in December it takes place in River Mississippi in the United States of America.
I will like to advise a lot of women that they should not just dispose of their used sanitary towels (menstrual pads) in the general dustbins. The reason is that I used to send rats to go and collect them for me and after working on them the way I wanted, it causes the women's menses to cease.

Sometime ago in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, a member of the Brotherhood reported The Lord's Chosen to our Kingdom. The person said that anytime she wanted to go
on her astral travel, the prayer of a woman from that church, used to disturb her. She said that she had done everything in her powers to stop the woman's prayers but all to no avail. The information department of our kingdom passed this to our Death department of which, I was a senior deputy. My assistant and I travelled from Port Harcourt to Asaba. I have a spiritual stone, which I used for consultations; mainly to inquire if the power I am going to confront is of a different source. In the case of The Lords Chosen, I was informed that the power working in the Church is different from mine. I did all I could to prevail over the matter with The Lords Chosen, but did not succeed.
I went back to Biakpan and met with the current leader of the Brotherhood; since I could not succeed in my enterprise. He ordered me to go back, but I refused. He then gave me a slap
on the face and I slapped him back. He told me to enter the "spiritual room." This is a place where I usually hear from the "Eagle Spirit." However this time around, I heard a voice telling me to go to the church where I had just operated to confess my
deeds. I was confused but decided to ignore the voice. Three minutes later the same voice came to me again saying that I should go and confess
my evil deeds. I went out through the back door of the spiritual room down to Onitsha to confess. The pastor in the church
then took me to the state sastor, who prayed for me. When it was time to go home, there was an occult man who is residing there. I knew that "light" and "darkness" never coexisted together. Therefore, I went home with the intercessors of the church and to my surprise, the man had vacated the house before we got there. We went back to Onitsha.

Today to the glory of God, I am a
member of The Lords Chosen. I will like to state here that with hindsight of all my nefarious activities, there are only three Churches I respect in this country and The Lord's Chosen is the first among them. I thank God for making me a Chosen.
Praise the Lord!

Bro. Tony Iwueze



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