How Jesus Christ Saved Me From Daredevil Ritual Killers

From the Chosennews
I thank God for granting me genuine salvation and counting me worthy to be among the living . My name is brother Ekene Igwenagu. I live at Bolade Oshodi, Lagos Nigeria. I Joined the Lords Chosen Ministry (CHURCH) in the year 2002. I was coming to fellowship on Thursday (28/03/2013). I had the intention that if i get to Oshodi i would take a commercial bus to cele, mile 2 (name of a place in Lagos). On reaching Oshodi, I wanted to enter a long bus but suddenly i didn't know what came over me and I entered a small bus with Lagos State commercial colour. Immediately I entered, a lady entered after me and we sat at the back. As I entered, I started having fun with my phone. At this point, i raised my head up. I heard a special conversion between a man at the back and another man at the front seat in the same bus. I became suspicious that something was not right. Because of fear, and to take precautionary measures, i told the conductor that i shall be alighting at the next bus stop, claiming that i forgot something at home (at this time the conductor had closed the entrance door).

The conductor now claimed that stopping at the next bus stop is illegal, that the Lagos state government will confiscate their vehicle. He(conductor) decided that he would stop at the bus stop after my preferred bus stop. At this juncture i relaxed, feeling a bit relieved that i would alight from that bus after all. Immediately i sighted the bus stop the conductor promised to stopped, i slept off, not knowing what had befallen me and every other person in the bus.
This looked to me like a dream. At the time i woke up, i saw myself and others being transferred from the vehicle i boarded before to another one like prisoners. (Before this time, our pastor had told us that whenever we come in contact with any danger, no matter how dangerous that thing or being is, be it a lion, python, tiger or anything that is capable of harming us, we should declare to that danger, "I AM A CHOSEN" three times and ask the danger "who are you." my pastor said that the danger will be subject to us, even if they are armed robbers. But i was more like Thomas in the Bible. I never believed my pastor for once. But i have known my pastor for long now, a man who preaches holiness and righteousness without reservation, and also full of anointing and power of the Holy Ghost). As we entered into another bus, I was somehow unconscious, i believe others were feeling the same way. We couldn't run nor shout for help. At this point in my subconscious mind i declared, i am omo baba ijesha. They told me to keep quiet. I was the only one trying to talk. Because of this, they saw me as being stubborn. Immediately, i lost my my consciousness. This time, where we saw ourselves was in a deep forest outside Lagos state. Then i never new it was outside Lagos state. Our eyes was covered with a bandanna. Everyone was afraid. We have already discovered we were in the hands of ritualists. Some were crying, even men also.

Their was a particular lady that we boarded the bus together. She happens to be the only one praying and at the same time speaking in tongues. She was doing it this to the extent that I told her, sister, pls when they come to you declare to them that you are a chosen (although i never believed it myself, but now, at this moment i had no choice), this is the only thing that we save you for now. But the sister never seem to believe me.

Now in the bush, just like I said, they covered our eyes. When we arrived there, we met other groups in the same captivity that we were, divided in parts. I heard one of them (evil men) asked, "the group over there, who has them?" One of them answered, "it is Alhaji." I could not recollect the name he made mentioned of, but I know I heard the title before that name which was, "Alhaji." That was when I realised we have been bought over by some OCCULT MEN FOR RITUAL MONEY.

Now the time to get killed

Now we were stationed in a room. We were being brought out one by one to be killed, by cutting off our heads. It was an experience I will ever live to remember. I can just forget it. Some were taking from us to be killed, as they were removed from us, after some minutes, what I will here was a big outcry of pain, after which that person is no more. They now asked, "where is that man that was proving stubborn, bring him here to come and see how he is going to die." I was brought out, the bandanna was untied. Then they started killing by cutting off the captives head. Come and see heads rolling on the ground. My first experience in life to witness people being killed. Seeing them, I was not myself. I became afraid the more. For me to see peoples head being detached from their body with a matchet. I started making my Last prayer, I prayed the Lord to forgive me of all my sins, losing hope and knowing fully well that I was going to die. Then, after the killings was done for that day, I was taking back to the room. Then the next day, I was brought out again to witness people being killed. The same way they killed the first day, heads rolling on the ground, blood splashing on the floor and the headless body dancing on the floor helplessly.

A very young girl was brought out and killed in my presence. Before then, she was shouting and crying, "my mummy, my mummy", instantly they butchered her as if she was an an animal. Oh, everything became more obvious that this was not a dream but reality. Now the lady that boarded the bus with me from Oshodi was brought out to be killed, at this point she was praying and speaking in tongues (But before now, I had told her to declare she is a chosen before those killers but she never did). In the process of praying and speaking in tongues, she was butchered the same way others was killed; heads rolling on the ground, headless body dancing on the floor.

I have been in this bush for like three to four days now. (At home my where about had been a concern to my parents. Prayers were being made, fortunately my parents happened to meet with the General Overseer of The Lords Chosen, he prayed and then said the angels working with him will bring me back from where ever I am). Now my own turn to be killed. After the killings of that day, again I was put back into the room I was before. In that room, I slept off suddenly. I saw myself in the dream, in the dream, I saw an angel in the likeness of my GENERAL OVERSEER, he was in a suit. He was very angry with me. He started telling me, "your pastor have told you what to say in time of danger and you still don't believe. You have been in the chosen church for a long time. He(pastor) had said that even if you do not qualify for the miracle, the God of chosen will qualify you." He (the angel) told me that, in the Bible days He (God) had come as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and also some other names He made mentioned of. But in this generation, He has come as "The God of The Chosen." He also told me that, "I KNOW YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED FOR THIS MIRACLE, BUT YOUR PASTOR SAID WHENEVER YOU MENTION I AM A CHOSEN IN TIME OF DANGER, YOU WILL BE QUALIFIED. Immediately, i woke up from my sleep, realising it was a dream. This time I had no choice but to declare it.

This is a point of death.

Then I was ordered out. This time the dwarf that was killing had been substituted for a very huge and fearful man. The man was singing and shouting, "go and bring that boy that said he is from baba ijesha", they brought me, untied me. This time, i thought within myself, is either I declare I am a chosen or I die here. They wanted to scrape my hair thinking that, there dwells my power. But the baba said, "bring him here, I have been in this business for years. That boy is too small for me", immediately, they brought me before him, I shouted, "I AM A CHOSEN" three times and asked, "THE GOD OF MY PASTOR WHERE ARE You." immediately, a mighty rushing wind came in, lifted the baba(chief priest) up and hit him on the ground three consecutive times, after which blood started gushing out from his nose and mouth, he died. I was removed immediately and taking outside before another havoc will be caused.

Then a young man came out that I have been released to go away. He asked me if I will know my way out, I said no. He led me outside the deep forest. I was so tired that i laid down on the express until an old man met me there. He asked what I was doing there and where I came from? I told him I was coming from Oshodi. He asked, "where is Oshodi?" I replied him, Lagos. He now told me where I am was Kwara State. That was when I realised I was in Kwara State which I never knew before. Then the old man helped me and carried me in his back to the garage, where I could get a vehicle back to Lagos. He paid for my fair, and I returned back Lagos.

When I got home, I found my parent praying, that God should give me the grace to declare I AM A CHOSEN where ever I am. Because they know me very well who I am. At times if I come back from school and they give me testimonies of what the Lord is doing, I don't always believe it. But now, I am a different person. I now believe there is God in the Chosen. My pastor is serving the true God.

I thank everyone that prayed for me. Most especially the General Pastor that prayed for me. I give God the glory from saving me from this blood tasty humans. I affirm that from today, I am a Chosen; I believe their is God in Chosen. I pray for my Pastor and all the chosen ones, HEAVEN AT LAST IN JESUS NAME.

Brother Ekene Igwenagu.
Lagos, Nigeria.

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  1. Wow, this is great! Their is power of God in that church. Thanks Jesus.


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