Netanyahu likely to accept invite to China in May

Prime Minister Netanyahu is likely to accept an invitation by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, although no announcement yet from PMO.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu [file]
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu [file] Photo: REUTERS

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is likely to visit China in the second week of May, in response to an invitation by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, who entered office two months ago, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The Prime Minister’s Office has not officially announced the trip.

Netanyahu visited China as prime minister in the late 1990s, but has not traveled there since taking office for his second premiership in March 2009.

Netanyahu is looking to boost economic ties with China, because he believes that the Israeli economy has to strengthen its ties to the east.

According to the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry Israel exports $2.7 billion worth of goods to China and imports $5.3b. Netanyahu wants these numbers to increase.

He will also discuss regional and security issues with Chinese leaders, including Iran.

China along with Russia has consistently been hesitant to support increased sanctions against Iran.

The last prime minister to visit China was Ehud Olmert in 2007. Israel and the People’s Republic of China established relations in 1992. 
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