Hackers vow to 'erase Israel from Internet'

Israel Today has reported numerous times in recent years about the mounting cyber war that the Jewish state has found itself a prominent part of. Cyber warfare
teams set up by the government and Israeli army, not to mention private security firms, fend off thousands of attacks every day.
But things move fast in this arena, and if Israel fails to stay at least one step ahead of its enemies, it could fall prey to an attack that could devastate Israel's computer-linked infrastructure.

The global hacker group Anonymous has threated repeatedly to target Israel, and
likely has done so many times. It is
apparently set to try again on Sunday, April 7 under the banner of #OpIsrael.

A leading hacker going by the handle of "Anon Ghost" told The Hackers Post that "the hacking teams have decided to unite
against Israel as one entity…Israel should be getting prepared to be erased from the

From: www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/23762/Default.aspx?ref=newsletter-20130331

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