The earth shall move out of her place and the heavens above will be shaken and the wickedness of man will increase.

Yes, these Japan earthquakes are horrifying.
 Edgar Cayce prophesied, while in a trance:
 "The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea."
 Now, we have to look for eruptions in either Mt. Vesuvius or
 Mt. Pelee, because Cayce said that when either of these two
 volcanoes erupts, the great California quakes will follow a few
 months later. Joe Brandt's and Cayce's prophesies can be patched   together to give us a future timeline for the California quakes.

Another earthquake has just hit (about 4-hours ago) near the
 Fukashima  Reactor in Japan... it was registered as a 7.1 (8.1)...
at this   rate Japan  is going to drop-off into the abyss...

but let me say that not only will this happen to Japan, but the world is bound to suffer most of these calamities. that is why Jesus is calling everyone to Himself.....only Him can save you and me. give your life to Jesus today.

He is coming soon!

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